“Roll the Dice” Boot Camp Workout

Here is a simple way you can put more fun into your training plan: try “Roll the Dice” Boot Camp Workouts.

These can be done indoors or outdoors, with other people or alone and can even be done with no equipment.

Your options are limitless!

Take a piece of paper and write down 6 different exercise on each along with the number of repetitions you want to do. Keep the reps in the moderate range as you will be moving pretty much continuously for 10-15 minutes.

Here is an example of a bodyweight routine:

1. Push Ups x 20 reps

2. Dips x 20 reps

3. Step-Ups x 20 reps

4. Squat thrusts x 15 reps

5. Squats x 30 reps

6. Alternating Lunges x 20 reps

Give each exercise a number 1 thru 6.

Perform 50 jumping jacks. Then take a pair of dice and roll them. Whatever 2 numbers come up, you have to perform the corresponding exercises.

After you do the 2 exercises, go back to the 50 jumping jacks and roll the dice again.

Do 2 rounds of 10-15 minutes each with a 2 minute break in-between for a killer at-home workout.

You may also choose to do this with weighted exercises like we often do.

Here is one I have previously done with Kettlebells only…

1. Kettlebell Swings x 15

2. Kettlebell High Pulls x 20

3. Kettlebell Push-Press x 15

4. Kettlebell Row x 10 each side

5. Kettlebell Squats x 25

6. Kettlebell Thrusters x 15


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